Spring Menu Launch at Bodega Leicester

by - Friday, April 14, 2017

Bodega Leicester
Let it be said that I absolutely love Mexican food. 
Whether it be fajitas, nachos, tacos, burritos, it doesn't matter so when I saw Bodega Leicester were looking for Leicester bloggers to attend their new spring menu launch on Tuesday, April 11th, I jumped at the chance to attend.
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I'd never visited Bodega before, however, I often found myself peeking through the window every time we walked through St. Martin's Square in Leicester so I was incredibly excited all day waiting for this event. 

Now, I've only ever visited one Mexican restaurant before despite my love for Mexican food being huge, so although I tried very hard not to compare Bodega to another well known Mexican restaurant it was something I found myself doing on a few occasions. 

That said Bodega really is in a whole league of it's own. I absolutely love the Mexican street vibe the decor had. From the bare bricks throughout to the colourful bunting hanging from the ceiling. From the large Mexican theme posters hanging on the wall to the miniature toy figures sat on shelves in hilarious poses (which I completely forgot to get a photo of!). 

The whole atmosphere was so welcoming and relaxed. Myself and a few of the other bloggers commented on how nice it was for a restaurant to have such a good playlist too.

Bodega Leicester

Bodega Leicester

Upon arrival, my sister and I were greeted by the general manager who seemed very busy behind the bar helping prepare some of the many cocktails we were going to be able to try, before we joined my beautiful friend Izzy and her friends Tiffany from Frost In Space and Hannah.

The guys at Bodega Leicester very kindly gave us a Blueberry and Elderflower Margarita* to try first. As I was designated driver for the evening I decided against drinking the full glass but the tiny bit I did sample I really enjoyed and totally not what I was expecting a Tequila based drink to taste like. The Blueberry and Elderflower Margarita* uses Azteca Azul Gold Tequila, orange liqueur and elderflower cordial with fresh lime juice and blueberries.

First, of the 5 dishes, we were lucky enough to try were the House Nachos* which are available in two sizes small for just £5.25 and large at a reasonable £10.50. Vicky, the lovely lady that invited us all down to Bodega, has since informed me that the nachos we sampled with in fact the small (!!!).

Honestly, if this dish is a small I can not begin to imagine how large the large serving is!

The House Nachos* are made the traditional Mexican way using tortilla wraps, sprinkled with a secret spice which gave a delicious spicy/smokey taste and are honestly the best nachos I have ever tasted!

They consist of flour tortillas topped with mozzarella, cheddar, sour cream, chives, salsa fresco and guacamole. Don't worry if the House Nachos* don't take your fancy though, because Bodega give you the option to add an array of different toppings.

Bodega Leicester

Bodega Leicester

The next dish we were lucky enough to sample were Vegetarian tacos and yes, they were as incredible as they look.

These are the Black beans, Roasted veg, Sweetcorn kernels and Confit tomato Tacos* which come in an absolute bargain at just £5.95. Confit tomatoes are very similar to sun-dried tomatoes *correct me if I'm wrong* which is something I'm not overly keen on but I was pleasantly surprised with this dish. So full of flavour and I love the use of the soft tortilla rather than the crisp tortillas.

The next drink the guys brought over for us to try was a huge jug of Sangria* for no other reason than the fact it "contains the most amount of alcohol" the general managers words! I did have a taste, for research purposes of course and I am so disappointed that I couldn't have joined the girls in drinking a couple of glasses. 

I completely missed the name of the Sangria* we were sampling *bad blogger* but it was incredible. So very dangerous if you're not careful as you really couldn't taste the alcohol at all. A pitcher of that would be perfect on a sunny afternoon! So fresh, fruity and full of delicious berry flavours.

To be on the safe side though I opted to try one of Bodega's mocktails which Vicky very kindly allowed me to sample for free. Here we have the Hummingbird mocktail* which is an absolute must because not only is it one of the best cocktails I have ever tasted, it is just £3.00!!!

The Hummingbird* includes strawberries, lime, fresh basil and watermelon syrup, topped with pomegranate and soda. It was incredible. So fruity, fresh and left me craving more so I had another. 

I will definitely be heading back to Bodega soon to try another one (or two) of their mocktails!

Bodega Leicester

I mean... Look how pretty it looks!

Bodega Leicester

Bodega Leicester

The next two dishes we got to try were the Plantain Salad* (£6.50) and Mole marinated chicken, lettuce and pine nut tacos (£6.25) both were incredible.

I had never tried Plantain before so I really didn't know what to expect and I'll be honest, I had absolutely no idea what it was. Now that I've googled *thank god for Google* I am speechless to learn it is in fact part of the Banana family. 

A food that looks like a banana but tastes like a potato?! Yeah, I'm confused too. The Plantain Salad* is Gluten Free and Vegetarian friendly and has the most delicious lime and chilli dressing you will ever taste. My sister and I just couldn't stop going back for more. 

It comes with an Avocado fan, plantain, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and pomegranate seeds and was just incredible. Being a food blogger I often see people put pomegranate seeds in their salads and I've never quite understood why. "Fruit and salad, what a weird combination" but the sweet kick from the pomegranate seeds combined with the sharp citrus lime and chilli dressing was just mouth-watering!

This dish is definitely on my "must order again" list for my next visit to Bodega.

The mole marinated chicken, lettuce and pine nut tacos* smelt incredible! Again these tacos use the traditional soft tortilla rather than the horrid crisp taco shells you see in taco kits. They were so light and fluffy and the chicken was so full of flavour with such a nice crunch from the pine nuts. My mouth is just watering thinking about them!

Bodega Leicester

Bodega Leicester

Let me just allow you a few minutes to feast your eyes on the last two dishes we were lucky to sample. How incredible do they look?

First up we have the Dr. Pepper marinated pulled pork, slaw, lettuce and coriander tacos* (£6.25) again in a soft tortilla. Pulled pork and Dr. Pepper are honestly two of my all-time favourite things right now and to have them both together is just a dream come true.

These were a lot spicier than I was expecting. The pulled pork is so full of flavour not immediately recognised as the delicious taste from Dr. Pepper though but still so incredibly delicious all the same. The spicy slaw is out of this world though, you're not instantly hit with the heat but it's packed with a punch so it is definitely something to consider if you're not used to spicy food.

Please do not let that put you off trying the Dr. Pepper marinated pork tacos* though. Your trip to Bodega is not complete without trying these!

Lastly we have the vegetarian burrito for the veggies/vegans on our table and the Dr. Pepper marinated pork burrito* for the meat lovers. All of Bodega's burritos are filled with white rice, black beans, mozzarella and cheddar with a super cute side dish of sour cream, salsa and guacamole.

I could not believe how hot, in temperature, the burrito was. I must admit the heat of the other dishes weren't as noticeable but I'm pretty sure I don't have any finger prints on my fingers anymore after trying the burrito but I would be more than happy to sacrifice my finger tips again if it meant digging into another one of Bodega's burritos.

Needless to say my boyfriend is very disappointed he was unable to attend the event with me on Tuesday evening. My sister on the other hand, is extremely happy my boyfriend was unable to attend the event. She had an amazing time, so thank you Vicky for kindly allowing me to have a plus one.

I honestly could not believe how much food there was! Having never been to a food / menu tasting event before I had absolutely no idea what to expect but I very naively assumed it would just be appetisers. How wrong could I have been? The generosity from Vicky and the rest of the Bodega Leicester team was just amazing!

I just want to say a huge thank you to Vicky and the guys at Bodega Leicester for putting on such a fantastic evening with some genuinely delicious mouth-watering dishes. I honestly haven't been able to think of anything else but those nachos and I am now counting down the days until I can next pay Bodega a visit which hopefully will be very soon.

I really hope you lovely lot have enjoyed reading about my experience and if you too are a huge Mexican food fan or even a fan of Bodega and haven't gotten round to signing yourself up to their loyalty card, what are you waiting for?! Sign up now and you could get 5% back in points to spend at any of the Bitter and Twisted venues plus you'll be invited to new menu tastings, exclusive offers and much much more!!

This Easter Monday card holders get double points on whatever they earn so your next taco, burrito or plantain salad could be on Bodega!
*This post is in collaboration with Bodega Leicester, running alongside their spring menu launch.
Bodega Leicester very kindly provided 4-5 dishes and cocktails for us to sample in exchange for an honest review. As always all thoughts and photos are 100% my own.

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  1. Your phone took pretty good pictures then! This post reminded me how bloody good the food was all over again!

    1. Yes, the pictures turned out pretty good actually. I can't stop thinking of those nachos <3 haha

  2. mmm everything looks delicious!

  3. See the picture, I feel a little hungry, it must be very delicious, amazing photos!


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