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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Panasonic 4K

Autumn. It's my all-time favourite season. That and Christmas because who doesn't love Christmas? Autumn is not only when my birthday falls but when the days start to feel as if they're a little shorter, the leaves on the trees begin changing colour and the air gets a little bit cooler. 

You guys know by now that one of the things I absolutely love to do is curl up on the sofa like a human burrito in the worlds softest blankets, candles burning, fairy lights twinkling and some good ol' television so when Panasonic* got in touch and asked me if I would like to collaborate with them alongside their brand new Panasonic 4K Televisions I jumped at the chance! 

I'm a sucker for trash TV. Whether it's reruns of Garden Force or Changing Rooms or endless hours of the Food Network channel. I've even been known to binge watch episodes of Eastenders and Coronation Street in a day! Hey! Don't judge. We all have our guilty pleasures.

So, with that in mind, I wanted to share with you some of the programs I'll be watching this autumn!

4K Panasonic

Eastenders and Coronation Street
Of course! I'll continue to watch the soaps. Apologises for anyone that can't stand them but seriously, they're both so good right now! 

I'm still totally not ok with the fact this series is over! I will be forever returning to West Bay for as long as I live because Broadchurch was an incredible TV series. Never has a series got me hooked just simply by watching the trailer do tv programs have "trailers"?. I could spend hours just listening to David Tennant talking *dreams* 

The Great British Bake Off
For someone that has always loved baking, has often shared her baking journey's on the blog and who has just admitted to watching endless hours of cooking programs it may shock you for me to admit that I have never watched an episode of The Great British Bake Off before... I don't know why. I don't really have an answer and I realize I may be treading on dangerous ground by tuning into Channel 4 before seeing the "original" from the BBC but it's something I have been contemplating doing and as the cold evenings roll in, I honestly can not think of anything better than snuggling down with an episode or two of The Great British Bake Off.

Trust Me
Now I'll be honest, I don't know too much about this series. I know it's a thriller/drama by the BBC and if there's anything I enjoy the most TV or film-wise it's thrillers. It's the "I can't watch.... but I must!" gripping feeling you get as you watch through your fingers. It's the "who dunnit?" throughout and then the feeling of blatant obviousness *is that a word?!* when the series comes to an end. Trust Me stars the one and only Jodie Whittaker, known best for her incredible roll in Broadchurch and has recently been announced as the new Doctor in Doctor Who - I think she's a fantastic actress and I can't wait to see her in a similar role.

Something a little more "light-hearted" after all the drama/thrillers I'll be enjoying this autumn. Series five of Taskmaster has just started on Dave and S and I found ourselves literally counting down the days.. And then ended up missing the first episode! It's literally 5 celebrities being made to do stupid tasks for the enjoyment of Greg Davies. It's stupid. It's hilarious and something so fun to watch if you're looking for no-brainer TV.

4k Panasonic

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post. 

Let me know in the comments what you'll be watching this autumn.

- This post was kindly sponsored by the lovely Panasonic -

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  1. I love your pictures! They are so cool! I am watching the Great British Bake Off at the moment and I am loving it so much! All the bakers are so amazing! xx corinne

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Corinne. My OH is on night shifts next week so I plan on taking full advantage of having complete control of the remote and catching up with Bake Off! :D x

  2. We don’t watch much TV really, we tend to have a good old catch up on Bake Off butother than that’s were Netflix kind of people, although James’ sister got me into Corrie when I was up North a few weeks ago so I don’t blame you!

    Jessica & James | www.foodandbaker.co.uk / www.foodandbakertravels.co.uk

  3. The best thing about Autumn is being able to just cuddle up and binge watch a tv series, so I absolutely adored this post!

    Abigail | chasingmydesire.com

    1. Aww, thanks Abigail I'm glad you enjoyed reading :)

  4. Loved this post! I’ll Definitley be watching Bake Off but will keep my eye out for the other programmes now! X

    1. If you've not watched Broadchurch yet, you most definitely have too! It's just so good.

  5. I love the Great British Bake Off! I wait a whole week for the next episode and get so excited every Tuesday evening haha I've heard loads of good things about Broadchurch as well, maybe I should give it a go!

    Julia xx

    1. Julia, definitely give Broadchurch a go. I'm not too sure if it's available to watch anywhere online but its so worth hunting it down! x

  6. I love having a nosey at what others are watching. I always spend way too long trying to decide on what to watch so thanks for the suggestions :D xxx Imogen


    1. You're very welcome Imogen, I'm glad you enjoyed the post and I hope you manage to find something you'll enjoy watching :) x

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