Our #MomentMakers Holiday with Thomson

by - Thursday, February 09, 2017

We're Flying To..


That's right. We're flying out to the NorthWest coast of Africa all thanks to Thomson Holiday's #momentmakers. If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, head on over to my very first blog post and find out how Thomson made my 2017 100x better.

We'll be staying at the Hotel Riu Touareg on the island of Boa Vista for 10 nights. All inclusive. Hello, cocktails by the pool! 

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Following a lot of scrolling through the Thomson website. A lot of thinking about what type of holiday we'd like. A lot of looking at all your wonderful suggestions and recommendations. We were instantly captivated by the beauty of Boa Vista and the Hotel Riu Touareg. It looks like a sand castle! 
Of course, we didn't want to settle on the first place we came across. We looked at a lot of destinations, Mexico being one high on our list when our dream destinations of Hawaii and Dubai were out of the question. We did a lot of research regarding things to do on the island and night time entertainment but when it came down to it. When it came down to finally booking we both agreed it would be, Boa Vista.

We've done it. We've gone and booked our holiday!!!

I can't begin to explain how I'm feeling right now. Of course, I'm excited. I can't wait! But I also can't actually believe this is happening. When we booked there were 101 days to go, which felt like such a long wait. As I sit here typing up this post there are 94 days. Those 5 days since we officially booked have honestly flown by *no pun intended* I can't begin to comprehend that in 94 days time I will be on a plane, flying to Cape Verde..... 

I'm not quite sure what to expect either. I've only ever flown once before. To Ireland, which, I wouldn't class as "aboard". I don't know. Is Southern Ireland classed as "aboard"? I'm super excited about flying again though because I absolutely loved it last time, granted this time we're looking at a 5-6 hour flight so, yeah! I'm sure it'll be fine. 

I'm also excited to visit and discover a whole new country. S has been to Cape Verde before so he's given me a rough idea what to expect. He previously stayed on the island of Sal so even he's excited about a whole new adventure.

I can't promise there won't be an influx of travel/holiday related posts here on Who's That Girl? So I apologise in advance if that's not your kind of thing. If it is, let me know in the comments what posts you'd like to see upon our return. Cocktails? Restaurant reviews? Spa review? yes, there's a spa at our hotel!! Things to do? Let me know!

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  1. Oh wowww!! So insane! I know it's your holiday and I hope you relax, but still hoping or some sneaky photos ;) haha! Time will fly and it'll be here before you know it. Congrats again.


    1. Oh, don't worry! There'll be plenty of photos ;) Thanks hun xx

  2. Fab choice, you're going to have the best time!! I'm excited for you :)

    1. Thank you so much, Steph! I'm so excited (and a little nervous for the flight) x

  3. Ah jess what a fantastic holiday that sounds!! I have never been to cape verde but its on my list of places I want to visit and so I will be looking for all yours pics!

  4. This is awesome, sounds like a great holiday Jess! well deserved too!



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