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by - Monday, March 13, 2017


We fly to Cape Verde in 63 days. Which is absolutely crazy!!! 

While sorting through my wardrobe, I realised I don't actually own that many pairs of shorts or pieces of swimwear/beachwear so of course that meant a much needed visit to Primark. 

I recently met up with my little sister for a browse of the brand new Primark store which has opened up in Fosse Park, Leicester. I only have one question, why has it taken me this long to visit?!

Sorry, you have no idea what I'm talking about? You can read all about our #MomentMakers holiday if you haven't already.

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1. Tropical Print Shorts - New Look (£9.99)
2. Cami's - Primark (£1.80 each) not available on website
3. Headphone Splitter - Primark (£1.50) not available on website
4. Hair Bun - Primark (£1.00) not available on website

First item I picked up were these gorgeous tropical print shorts from New Look for just £9.99 - I have honestly been lusting over these for weeks and I am so glad I finally picked them up!

I picked up two cami vest tops from Primark at just £1.80 each.. £1.80?? How can you even question that? There was honestly, ever colour you could possibly imagine and I'm actually a bit gutted I didn't pick up a few more... Can anyone sense another Primark trip happening soon?

S and I have decided to take our iPads incase we want to watch a film on the plane. No 'inflight entertainment' has been mentioned, which is a little odd if you ask me, so we're going prepared and just incase we want to watch the same film I decided to pick up this headphone splitter for just £1.50 - YIPPEE

And, because I needed a new one I picked up another hair bun/donut thingy majiggy. These things are incredible, granted it takes a little while to get used to them, in my opinion, but I would be lost without it now during the warmer months.


1. White Crochet Shorts - Primark (£5.00) not available on website
2. Coral Crochet Bikini Bottoms - Primark (£4.00) 
3. Coral Crochet Bikini Top - Primark (£6.00)
4. Flamingo Tote Bag - Primark (£1.00) not available on website

These white crochet shorts were a last minute find as I made my way to the check out but I'm so glad I picked them up, their made of this super soft material and teamed with a nice vest-top I'm hoping they'll keep me super cool.

I actually feel in love with New Look's version of this coral bikini but for something I'm probably only going to wear once or twice I didn't want to pay £14.99 for just the top so I opted for Primark's version and I have to admit, I probably love it just a little bit more. I plan on teaming this with the New Look tropical shorts which I think is going to look super cute!

And finally, a flamingo tote bag which I picked up for just £1 - BARGAIN! I'm hoping this will work wonders for a beach bag, just something to pop a towel in, a book and maybe even some snacks to pop down to the pool with.

So that's it for my Primark haul guys, I hope you've enjoyed it. If you'd like to see these items in a little more detail please be sure to pop on over to my YouTube channel where I've uploaded a little Primark haul video for you. 

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  1. Primark are killing it at the moment, so many pretty things! x


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