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by - Saturday, April 08, 2017

Film reviews were something I posted regularly back when I first started blogging. 

Granted working in a cinema made seeing the new releases a lot easier but then I found I was working a lot more which meant I had a lot less time to go and see films, plus the last place I wanted to spend my days off were at my place of work so film reviews began to become quite sparse.

I miss it though. I miss going to the cinema and I miss sharing my thoughts with you guys so I've considered bringing it back. I can't promise they'll be regular posts like my #MovieMonday series on Cake Crumbs and Pages or if I'll mention every single film I go and see, but if I feel it's worth a mention then, then I might pop up a small review for you guys.

Which brings me onto the main subject for today's post. This week we headed to our local cinema to check out the long-awaited Ghost In The Shell.

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Like all of my film reviews I don't like to give too much away regarding the movie in question so you can be sure that none of these film review posts will include spoilers. They're just simply my thoughts and whether or not I would recommend going to see it!

This was S's choice of film and probably not one I would've gone to see otherwise.

I'm pretty open when it comes to movies. There isn't one genre I tend to stick with. I love action films, I love rom-com's, I love comedy's and horrors and I will be the first one to admit that I even love the odd kids film! Fantasy and Sci-Fi though, I'm a little more fussy.

For Ghost in the Shell though, I knew nothing going into the film, only what had been shown in the trailer which I was instantly intrigued by.

S's words to me as the film was about to start were "This might be a bit weird for you" jezz, thanks... Now you tell me! *unimpressed glance* But do you know what? I actually really enjoyed it.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect and I must admit although the trailer intrigued me, it did look a little bit weird. I found myself instantly sucked into the story though which usually never happens, it normally takes me a good few minutes before I can get properly into the story. 

I found it fast moving, there was a lot of explanation, a lot of character development and a lot of action to keep you engaged throughout the film. 

I feel Scarlett Johanson played an incredible part as the main character, Major Mira Killian. The effects were awesome, I'm really gutted this film wasn't filmed in 3D before I think some of these effects would look amazing. 

Having actually been to see the film and thoroughly enjoyed it, it really would've been a shame if I had missed it. Personally, I tend to do a lot better with films around the 1 hour 40 - 2 hour mark and with Ghost in the Shell being the perfect 1 hour 40 minutes combine with awesome effects and none stop action, it really is the perfect film albeit a little bit weird in places!

I give Ghost in the Shell 31/2 - 4 out of 5 

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